Dear Stu Duval.

I am Dillan and I am in room 21. I am really looking forward to seeing you next time at Papatoetoe South School once again because you put smiles on children’s faces and you are not shy.

You are a great storyteller. You used different themed music for suspence and you taught children how to make pictures with letters and numbers. But the last reason that I want you to come back to Papatoetoe South School is because you put all your effort into your stories and art.


Scary stories.

One day on a scary day, Room 21 were going to a trip to Star dome but we were board so I made up a really scary story and it all started at the bowling ally on a dark and stormy night. I won 5 games in a row and I said let’s play one more game or else are you to afraid to lose. Every body said NO WAY!!! I told my uncle to play as well and he said, I am short on cash. I gave him 5 buck’s. He said, I promise that I will pay you back.I was so excited and I was so happy to play. I was so happy that I got carried away and pushed him in the shutter. It was my uncles wedding. I was so sad and I went home to sleep. I woke up and I saw my uncle so I screamed. I wiped my eyes and he vanished. I went to the bathroom and washed my eyes. I looked at the mirror and saw my ancle again so I tried to say to my brain that there is no such thing as a ghost that is a real thing. I looked in the mirror and saw my uncle again but instead of screaming, I just looked back but again he was there so I just screamed and ran to my friend Sahil and I said I can’t stop seeing my uncle and he said uh mean either. My uncle came out of the tv and said hey Dillan. We screamed and ran to the grave yard and there was no way out so we didn’t do anything. My uncle came and said hey Dillan, Bet you thought I forgot. My uncle gave my 5 buck’s and Sahil said, Dude it’s your 5 buck’s. My unce went to his own grave and said, Good by. The end. Benson said what’s wrong with you Dillan. You just scared pops half to death!!! Sahil gave me back up. Sahil said, What ever benson. At least you can’t think of a better story than dillan can. Benson said, Well you know what Sahil.What? Said sahil. Benson said, WELL YEAH!Then prove it by telling us one then, Said Sahil. Okay then but listen carefully because you might just learn something. Me and Sahil wrote this job feel’s like prison. Dude i’ve found a way out. We both laughed until benson came and said, Hey Dillan and Sahil, You have to wallpaper this whole house or else you 2 are fired but I said, Wallpapering is boring and we don’t even know how to. I don’t care, Said benson. The tv went on and had a comercial for wallpaper ing and it had a guy on it that said if you are tired of wallpapering than you should call me and I know you might of been thinking that it would cost 1,000,000 dollars but with me it is free!!!call me at 559-0411-011. My name is jan the wall paper man he said.The tv went of so we told Muscle man if he knew if comercial’s were the real deal and he said totaly. We called him to come over to our house so he could wallpaper the whole house. We took a break and played video games like Ally fight dudes, Tough lips thumbs up karate and it took us three hours so we heard benson scream so we ran and saw Jan was a spider so we ran and fought for our lives so we could save Benson and we would not be fired so we ran after him. He was really quick so we ran with all of our might to free Benson but we couldn’t catch up to him because played tricks with us so we used the bombs from muscle man so Jan could die. We threw all of the bombs in Jans mouth so he would explode into millions of pieces but then we died with the bomb as well. We said that bensons storie was boring so Sahil said that one day benson was sooooooooo dome and benson said, We don’t have time to tell another storie but then we fought and then we crashed into a tree and didn’t survive and we all turned into ghost’s and that was the End of our ultamate storie ever invented by Dillan and Sahil.

Fact’s about Uranus.

Uranus is the second coldest planet in the solar system. It would take 30,684 days for Uranus to orbit the sun. It is the seventh planet in the solar system. If you were at Uranus, The sun would look incredibly small. Uranus is the lord of the skies. It is the husband of earth. It was over thrown by its son which was saturn. It has 27 moons. It was discovered by a telescope. Uranus is 14.6 times bigger than the earth. It is 2.871 million kilometers away from the sun. The average tempeture at Uranus is 184 c.

Why should the Tuck shop sell healthy food?

This is a persuasive text about why the Tuck shop should sell healthy and unhealthy food to children and teachers. I am really trying to persuade the Tuck shop so children DON’T need to fight over what they want to eat instead.

Why should the Tuck shop monitors sell healthy food?

We should persuade the Tuck shop monitors to do this so we can be fit so we can achieve our goals. This could be good for children if they want to be a runner so they can run more faster to break and make a great record. This would make there own teacher so proud.

The tuck shop ladies should sell healthy food so the children dont choke and this could really harm you. No one would want to choke or else if they do they will not be able to go to school and only the hospital.

Mostly the tuck shop ladies should sell healthy food because some children are mostly vegeterians and vegeterians eat healthy food because other people that arn’t vegeterians eat vegeterian.

The main reason that people should do this is so that they do not need to choke. Most people dont want to choke. This is the end of why the tuck shop should sell healthy food.


When everybody went to school,there was a message and it was sent by Mr Williams and it said,it is easter day and there are letters everywhere. Everybody must find all of them. One year 6s have to where a blindfold and the year 5s have to read the message. This was really fun but sometimes the teams cheat. Mr Williams said it was all about teamwork but some teams only cared about the easter eggs. Some freddos were to be found along the way. Mr Williams came out and said happy easter day to everyone!!! 

The invasion.

One day,everybody in room 21 went to school and were really scared because heaps of tanks came to our classroom so all the girls went to the girls toilet and all of the boys went to the boys toilet. Every body was scared but the boys were not afraid so they sneaked up into the classroom and found some paper so they got as much paper as they could and made a plan to escape and they all told the girls to get out but they did not so we left without them. They all escaped and ran away. 

Why are there lots of Refugees from Afghanistan?

A refugee is a person who moves from one place to another so they can have a better life.  They go to refugee camps when they have moved to a different place.  They move for peace.  They move because of war, pollution and natural disasters. 

In 2009 there were over 10 million refugees in the world.  About 982 000 people are trying to leave their countries.  About 2.8 million Afghan people are refugees because they escaping war and oppression.  Oppression is the opposite of freedom.

About one-third of the refugees live in refugee camps.  These are meant to be only for a short time but they can stay in them for a long time.

It is hard to be a refugee because when they are in a boat it is really small and there may not be a toilet on the boat.  They have learn how to speak English or another language, they need to know the rules and laws, they might need a New Zealand education, and their friends and family might still be in Afghanistan.

It is hard to a refugee.  We should help them live here by teaching them at school and being friendly with them.

by Aryan and Dillan